What We offer

The Need:

Research shows that young people who are experiencing vulnerability, including those from low-socio economic backgrounds are more likely to disengage from education and are less likely to complete their studies than their peers. The transitionary period young people’s education is associated with several challenges. The interplay between new “environments, behaviours, relationships, routines, roles and expectations” may act as a stressor for many young people. The School Transitions for Vulnerable Young People (2015) suggests that disengagement stems from a variety of psycho-social pressures such as family breakdowns, financial and carer-based issues as well as poor mental health. Students experiencing hardship may lack support systems, feel socially isolated and ultimately disconnected from their environment.

The Solution:

  • Early intervention measures that reduce/prevent disengagement from education prior to transitional periods.
  • Creative project-based learning as a means for engagement.
  • Empowerment through relatable mentorship workshops.
  • Tailored approaches to student engagement.

1. Inspiring Purpose Through Passion

  • Inspiring purpose through passion (IPTP) is an early intervention program tailored to students experiencing disengagement. IPTP seeks to aid young people in their educational and social transitions.
  • The program is co-designed by young people and allows participants of IPTP to lead a self-determined personal development journey through a creative project-based model.
  • IPTP has a strong emphasis on customising framework to fit the needs of each student, thus leading to the most authentic self-expression of purpose assisted through passion.
  • Students will complete a 7 week “self-discovery” portfolio centred around their passions and interests which can be used to be applied on a broader spectrum in everyday life and their many transitions the will experience. The portfolio will be a collection of each week’s activities and will allow students to understand who they are, what they like ,what they aren’t great at, and ultimately where do they want to be. All in a creative manner stemmed from their passions.


2. Motivational Speeches

Motivation and inspiration is what we pride ourselves on at CALM Youth. We believe that students respond best to a relatable voice. We know that we have the tools to bridge the gap between staff and students. We know that no two people are the same let alone schools. Each school consists of  a different demographic of students meaning each school faces unique challenges and issues.  Our motivational speeches are all catered to specific needs of each group in attendance. Preparation is the key to success and is why we have long lasting impact at schools. Prior to every visit we discuss specific challenges school is facing and the desired outcome of speech. Is it a call to action? An injection of positivity and energy ? Regardless, we are here to improve the wellbeing of all in attendance. 

3. Impact

Above all else we provide impact. We are able to both relate to students but also adapt accordingly. Being two years removed from High School, I first have first hand experienced every school program possible. Often, the content is the same year in and year out or the speaker is unable to truly convey the message they are preaching as the struggle to relate to their audience. Here at CALM Youth we have an understanding of the issues young people face and know first hand how to reach them, speak to them, connect with them and most importantly impact them.
- Alexander Michailidis