Fortunate Facts: Welcome

Hello world,

Michael Fortune here coming live & direct from the CALM social club making my first entry of Fortunate Facts!

Randomly I will be sharing different topics, stories, life experiences, updates but to be simply put I'm sharing all things REAL throughout the CALM before the storm. 

To give insight on what Fortunate Facts will be about I would love to share where I am at currently in my life. I have found that showing open vulnerability can be a great thing because it shows you have security & confidence within yourself to express your emotional state which then allows people to truly understand who you are on a more personal level. Okay, sorry! I can get carried away & start to rant like Kanye West, let's get back to the topic at hand. :)

My partner Kendall told me she has been seeing the numbers 5:55 lately so we decided to look the numbers up & see what it meant. We found out that the angel numbers 555 "has everything to do with change. It's an action-oriented number with quick, fast moving energy." A few days later we get an email saying ownership is selling our apartment building & once the building is sold we'll have 60 days to move out. Instead of procrastinating we took action & immediately started looking for places to live to get ahead of the curve. Mind you, we are very happy where we live. It's comfortable, we're in a great location & it is accessible to all of our needs. However, after the fact, we realised the numbers 555 where a representation that the universe was about to force CHANGE! 

We spent a week looking at places & feeling a bit discouraged about this unexpected process that has been placed upon us. We both decided to flip our perspective about the situation & started to think that this is happening "for" us not happening "to" us & now in just under two weeks we are blessed to be saying that we found the perfect home for our family. It's in the same location we currently live & we've upgraded from an apartment to a townhouse!

Kendall & I both know how hard it is for people to find a place to live & not just any place but the perfect place. It could take months especially given how tough the real estate market is & that's why we are very FORTUNATE to have found a new home within a week.

What I'm saying is that CHANGE is inevitable but it's about our perspective towards it.

EMBRACE change > FEAR change 

Yours truly,

Michael J. Fortune