What is CALM Schools?

CALM Schools is a division of CALM Youth that launched in Early 2022. Following the implications of COVID-19 the team saw a huge decrease in morale and overall positivity in young people at schools. It is evident the disconnect young people are facing as a result of the pandemic. The transition young people are experiencing within the school system is more challenging than ever especially within the 'social media age' we live in. Whether it is social transitions or education, young people need a boost. We provide the injection of motivation and inspiration to help ease these difficult transitions young people are facing. 

How do we do it?

Inspiring Purpose Through Passion (IPTP)

At CALM Youth we believe purpose and passion go hand in hand. We understand that the education system lacks the scope for young people to truly discover their passions. Often the disconnect in classrooms is fostered from a place of dis-interest and lack of real life application. This is where we step in...
  • Inspiring purpose through passion (IPTP) is an early intervention program tailored to students experiencing disengagement. IPTP seeks to aid young people in their educational and social transitions.
  • The program is designed by young people and allows participants of IPTP to lead a self-determined personal development journey through a creative project-based model.
  • IPTP has a strong emphasis on customising framework to fit the needs of each student, thus leading to the most authentic self-expression of purpose assisted through passion.
  • Students will complete a 5 week “self-discovery” portfolio centred around their passions and interests which can be used to be applied on a broader spectrum in everyday life and their many transitions they will experience. The portfolio will be a collection of each week’s activities and will allow students to understand who they are, what they like ,what they aren’t great at, and ultimately where do they want to be. All in a creative manner stemmed from their passions.
The beauty of IPTP is that each weeks module is built on real life experiences by our facilitators. The anecdotal sessions allow students to connect with the program as what they are hearing are real life examples from real life people in the flesh. The vulnerability and sincerity in which our facilitators conduct sessions breaks down the hierarchal nature of a typical classroom and allows for a positive culture for self-discovery to foster and thrive.  

Motivational Speeches

We understand that schools can be hectic and a five week program isn't always feasible. For a quick injection of motivation and inspiration we offer one-off tailored motivational speeches. We know that no two people are the same let alone two schools. Each school consists of  a different demographic of students meaning each school faces unique challenges and issues.  Our motivational speeches are all catered to specific needs of each group in attendance. Preparation is the key to success and is why we have long lasting impact at schools. Prior to every visit we discuss specific challenges school is facing and the desired outcome of speech. Is it a call to action? An injection of positivity and energy ? Regardless, we are here to improve the wellbeing of all in attendance. 

Why Us ?

We believe three key pillars set us aside from other programs and school speaking services.
  1. Relatability - Our Organisation is built on the hardships, challenges and obstacles people have faced in their life and how they have turned a negative into a positive. Being from a similar age demographic, socio-economic background as well as having the same cultural understanding as young people we are able to converse with young people in a manner which creates connection. We want young people to see a bit of themselves in us the same way we see a bit of ourselves in them!
  2. Tailored Service - Both IPTP and our One-Off speeches are fully tailored. Through engagement with staff prior to delivering our service we are able to shape our content in a manner that is most beneficial for all in attendance. Each week of IPTP is altered depending on how last session was run. We have a heavy emphasis on planning and preparation. Our large array of real life experiences shared amongst all facilitators always ensures we have the perfect story or example for any occasion and youth demographic. 
  3. Energy - Plain and simple we love what we do! Before CALM Schools was established we would speak to young people on a daily basis and speak in schools pro-bono. The same feedback we get from every program or speech is that our energy is infectious. Energy is everything and when you love what you do it comes naturally.

Don't just take our word for it have a listen below:


CALM Schools in Action: