Inspiring Purpose Through Passion

A summary of IPTP at Bundoora Primary School


Week 1 - "Composed"

In week 1 our facilitators met students for the first time and created a fun, safe environment ! Each student was greeted with a personalised quote which they would hold onto until the end of the program. In this session our facilitators touched on personal challenges and hardships they experienced and how they stayed composed. 


Week 2 - "Ambitious"

Week 2 is all about the importance of setting goals! Our facilitators spoke about their four year journey with CALM and how through persistence and patience all dreams are achievable. "If you can see it in your head you can have it in the palm of your hand." 



Week 3 - "Leaders"

 In Week 3 the emphasis was on the fact that leadership comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Students participated in an engaging role play activity based on the real life experiences of our facilitators. 

Week 4 - " Mentality"

 In Week 4 it was all about mentality and how students can adopt a positive mentality in everyday life. Catering to the artistic tendencies of students at Bundoora Primary School the activity for this week was a group collaborative  mind map centred around what mentality looks like for each student. 


Week 5 - " CALM"

 In Week 5 we put the last four weeks of learning and fun into a graduation ceremony. Over the course of each session the last portion was dedicated to students completing certain activities to put into their self-discovery portfolios'.  Each student had two minutes to present anything they wanted centred around their portfolio. Despite some nerves and anxiety each student presented and was awarded with their CALM Care package to solidify their graduation of IPTP.